What Your Cake Means to Us!

For those of you who follow The Cake Zone on Facebook, you know we love to post daily pictures of extreme cakes, cupcakes and Little Tipsy Cakes. It may surprise you to know the reason why. Most would probably guess that we do it for publicity and for bragging rights. While that may be partially true, it’s only half the story.

There’s so much that goes into a special occasion cake. If you think about it, sugar and flour formed into a cake has come to symbolize the gathering of friends in celebration. Whether it be a wedding, an 80th birthday, a baby shower, a grand opening or a retirement, the cake is the centerpiece which beckons everyone to share in a slice of the festivities. At weddings, we gather to see the bride feed her groom a small bite. We wait in anticipation to see if they are gentle or playful with their sugary samples. At birthday parties, all eyes are on the candles as the person of honor makes their all-important yearly wish. Corporate celebrations often involve a symbolic cake cutting, indicating successes, new ventures, grand openings and more. The cakes feed dozens, sometimes hundreds and allow employees and sponsors to enjoy and celebrate with a common experience.

When we design a cake, we aren’t thinking about publicity or recognition, we’re thinking about how your esteemed guests will react when they see, smell and taste your creations. We’re thinking about the nervous bride and groom wanting everything to be perfect. We’re thinking about the soon-to-be new mom who will shortly give birth to beauty beyond her imagination, we’re thinking about the retiree who spent his whole life to get to this point, eager to celebrate his milestone with family and friends.

We call our cakes extreme, and there’s a good reason for that. We never limit ourselves in design. Our flexibility means your cake dreams are limitless. Time and time again, you raise the bar and ask us to go beyond the basic cake. You want it to show your personality, your achievements and your hopes. Many hours are spent making sure your cake is exactly what you had hoped for. By the time we’re done, we feel like we know you and we feel confident in calling you friend. Posting your cake creation on Facebook is our way of joining in the celebration. Your dreams are our passion and we are so proud to be a part of your life, even if just for one delicious and memorable moment.

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