Fondant vs Buttercream Wedding Cake?

I often get questions similar to this one regarding the difference between fondant & buttercream:

Q…Which one do you recommend (fondant vs buttercream) based on appearance plus taste?

A…The Cake Zone makes its own homemade marshmelows fondant. We always cover our cakes in vanilla buttercream first, and then put the rolled fondant on top ! This method has been used in Europe for years and is gaining its popularity here in the USA.
Fondant gives a more beautiful finishing than.

Buttercream finishing can be nice and smooth too, but it is less stable than Fondant finish and it’s not recommended under hot and humid weather conditions in Florida….You don’t want your wedding cake to lean, or to fall. 🙂

Q…What does taste better: fondant or buttercream?

A… If you like candy, you’ll love our homemade fondant! It can be colored and flavored…It is rolled out like a pie crust and draped over a cake which has been first coated in Vanilla buttercream frosting. So, you’ll get best of both worlds 🙂 buttercream and much more design options. In addition , cakes covered with fondant are more stable and decorations stay in place under the Florida’s sun. Some people really like the taste, and those who don’t generally peel it off.


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