A Labor of Love – The Muscle Behind The Madness

A lot goes into making a showstopper cake. There’s the initial consultation and tasting, inspirational sketch, brainstorming session, prototype building and testing, sculpture design, baking, molding, decorating, etc. But the real stress comes at the time of delivery.


Inside our bakery, we can control many things. We control the air temperature and oven temperature, we control the time, we can make mistakes and we fix mistakes. In fact, when a cake is inside the bakery, it is so closely monitored and protected that our stress levels are minimal. Sure, crunch-time always happens and we’ve all logged some sleepless nights to make sure a cake makes the deadline, but for the most part the process is like a fine-tuned machine.


Delivery is a different story. When you see us setting up at an event, we may appear calm, cool and collected but believe me, our stress level is at an all-time high. No matter how much we plan, the unexpected is bound to happen. We always give ourselves plenty of time to arrive. Twenty to thirty minutes before truck-load time, we start the AC in the delivery van. Since we’re in Florida, we need to make sure the vehicle stays nice and cool! We get out our checklist and we run through all the items that must be taken to the event site including cake stands, sculptures, toppers, cupcakes and more. Because our cakes are so intricate and often delicate, we are careful not to overbook ourselves. We want to make sure each customer gets the dedicated time they deserve.


Loading the van is an art unto itself. Our average cakes often weigh 80 to 100 pounds. That’s like loading in 50 bricks all at once. If not done carefully and precisely, the cake might meet an untimely demise. Once we get the cakes, stands, my toolbox, etc. into the van, then we have to fight traffic and potholes. We’ve become masters at learning back roads and side roads to avoid bumps and traffic jams, but nothing is ever certain. Talk about stress! If we are even a few minutes late it can throw off the catering team, the florist, and more!


Next year, my husband Boris and I will have been married for 20 years. On some days, it seems like an eternity but on most days I feel like a newlywed. Boris is the muscle behind all the madness. He’s the one you often see behind the scenes, lifting the backbreaking cakes and making sure we arrive on time. He’s the guy that dreams along with me and supports this crazy hobby tuned into a business. You see, for us, The Cake Zone is literally a Labor of Love!


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