The Groom’s Cake Tradition

The groom’s cake has a long history…. But, Brides always ask me the same questions:
Why have one?….. And when is it served?……. Is it required?

A groom’s cake was a part of every wedding in ancient times. This cake, usually soaked in liquor ( we like that part!) and made of something decadent like dark chocolate…What can be better than chocolate and liquor!!!!

It was supposed to be cut and at the end of the wedding sent home with guests. Single women were supposed to take their piece and sleep with it under their pillow so that they would dream of the man they would marry.

The groom’s cake is now being served at the rehearsal dinner or as an optional dessert at the actual reception.

Ask the groom what his favorite flavor is and then work with that. At The Cake Zone we are getting outrageously creative with the Groom’s cake.. If he can dream it We can make it….Is the groom a baseball fan? Does he love fishing? Does he like a football? Is he a dentist or future doctor?.. So get creative. Go with his favorite hobby or favorite food or sport’s team…. Here are a few ideas that have been done by The Cake Zone

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