Have a Holly-Jolly Little Tipsy Cake!

Whoever said eat, drink and be merry sure knew what they were talking about! This holiday season we’re churning out more Little Tipsy Cakes than ever before. Finally the idea drinking your cake is catching on!


Baking and decorating wedding cakes and special occasion cakes may be the hallmark of The Cake Zone, but it isn’t all we do. Years ago, I was inspired by my Dad (also a baker) to experiment with alcohol infused cakes. Alcohol is a natural preservative and when used correctly, really helps to bring out the flavor of the cake. My Dad’s methods were always top secret, even to the family, so my experimentation took a lot longer than one might think. There’s a precise balance you must achieve in order to keep the cake moist but not overpowered by the alcohol. Let’s just say, the name Little Tipsy Cakes isn’t accidental. I admit to a few “tipsy” nights while working on my own formula. I had to taste test the product of course!


I’m proud to say we perfected the Little Tipsy Cakes just in time to make everyone’s holiday just a little more jolly. With flavors like Pina Colada, Black Russian, Srewdriver, Lemon Drop Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri and Dark Rum Carmel, you know it has to be good! Although it’s my turn to keep a secret, I will tell you that we use only the finest ingredients including Lemonchello, Kahlua, Malibu Rum, Spiced Rum, Orange Vodka, Godiva chocolate, white and dark chocolate ganache, fruit juice and more.


Like everything we create at the Cake Zone, Little Tipsy Cakes are a work of art. They’re single serving delights, individually baked in 8 oz mason jars and adorned with a cute bamboo spoon. They are easily matched with gift tags or greeting cards and make a wonderful surprise gift. Many of our brides have used them as wedding favors and they make great shower and birthday gifts as well! In fact, with a shelf life of two months, these fabulous little creations are easily hidden away in the cupboard for any special occasion.

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My Dad’s formula may have been a well-kept secret, but I think I cracked the code and made it better…even if I did get a Little Tipsy along the way.

Little T C

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