Q: Do you have a retail store where I can walk in and purchase a cake on the spot?
A: No, we are by-appointment only shop which specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Q: How do I order a cake?
A: We prefer cake orders to be placed in person, over the phone or by filling out Contact Us form, so that we can make sure we get all the information we need from you about your cake. The first thing we need to know is the date of your event so that we can check if it is still available. When placing an order, please have an idea of how big a cake you need, or how many people you would like to feed, as well as what kind of design or style you have in mind. Tell us your theme, colors, and any specific design details you have in mind. We will also ask for detailed contact information, event information, preferred pick-up or delivery times, and a non-refundable deposit to reserve your date.

Q: Why do you require a non-refundable deposit?
A: We require a non-refundable deposit of about 10% of the estimated cake order in order to hold your date. We receive a lot of inquiries for dates that are unavailable, so if an order is cancelled at the last minute, we lose business that we could have had from other orders we turned down. For this reason deposit money will not be returned if an order is cancelled. We understand that some clients prefer to shop around before making a final decision, so we ask that any interested clients confirm their order by putting down a deposit within two weeks of the tasting/design session, or the order may be cancelled.

Q: How far in advance should I place my order?
A: We can only accommodate a limited number of cakes, depending on the complexity of the orders. Therefore, we recommend you place your order as soon as you know a date for your event. We’d like as much lead-time as possible…but if you have a short notice order, ask us, and we’ll try to get it done for you! If possible, we ask that you give us at least 4 to 6 weeks notice on specialty cake orders.

Q: How much is that cake on your website?
A: All of our cakes are custom creations, made for a specific person or event. Therefore, the price would not be relevant to your party or event. However, if you are interested in a similar cake and would like to provide us with some specific details about your event and desired cake, we would be happy to quote a price for you. Please call us for more information 941-799-2253 (CAKE) or email to : mycake@thecakezone.com

Q: What are your cake prices?
A: No two cakes are exactly the same. The Cake Zone specializes in the unique, the extraordinary and the over-the-top. No matter what your occasion, we will customize the ultimate cake creation. Our highly crafted cakes are rich and sumptuous; the perfect accompaniment to your special occasion. Due to the complexity of our cakes, a minimum order of 500.00 dollars is required  Other factors that add to the price include cake sculpting, gumpaste or marzipan hand molded decorations, detailed piping, painting, airbrushing, or other time consuming design elements, and delivery. For specialty or novelty cakes, please contact us for a price quote.

Q: Does the price include the top tier of the wedding cake?
A: Yes…All of our proposals include the top “anniversary” tier.

Q: Isn’t it less expansive to get a faux cake and serve sheet cakes at the wedding?
A: Not really. Here are some reasons why it isn’t really cheaper:
It takes the same amount of Fondant to decorate the faux cake.
It takes the same amount of time to decorate it.
It takes the same level of talent to decorate it.
It takes more supplies to bake a sheet cake and to decorate the faux cake – you will pay additionally for the Styrofoam drums.
So what is the real price difference?
Some decorators do give a discount if you decide on a faux cake. Usually 10-20 percent. That doesn’t mean the end cost is cheaper and you need to make sure to run the numbers (or have the baker run the numbers with you). This is the only way to know if it really is more cost effective for you. Here is an example below based the sheet cake prices on half the cost of the tiered cake cost, this is standard pricing in many custom bakeries.
Cake to serve 100 at $6.00/Serving
Faux Cake 100 Servings with discount: $420.00
Sheet cake for 100: $300.00
TOTAL COST FOR FAUX CAKE PLUS sheet cakes: $720.00
Tiered wedding cake to serve 100: $6.00/serving x 100 = $600.00

Q: Do you deliver or ship cakes?
A: Yes, we deliver. We deliver to Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, St. Pete and Clearwater Beach, Anna Maria Island, Sarasota, Siesta Key, Venice.  No, we do not ship cakes at this time. We prefer to deliver all wedding cakes, most large event cakes, and Dessert Tables as they require a set-up. Delivery prices are calculated according to total travel distance and complicity of set- up. Local delivery cost is usually starts at $80. Long deliveries or out-of-state deliveries will require special arrangements, so please contact us for more information or estimates.

Q: Do you offer private tastings or open house tastings?
A: Yes, we do. Once you’ve narrowed down your design, favorite flavors and fillings, The Cake Zone can offer a private complimentary tasting for you and your beloved.  All tastings are by appointment only. You need to fill out Contact Form.
During the meeting, we will discuss the design of your cake, so please bring any pictures, invitations, inspirations, etc, that may help us come up with something perfect for your event.  The tasting lasts up to  1 hour and we ask that you arrive on time to ensure that you are allotted your full hour.  If you should need to reschedule, or cancel, we ask that you contact us no later than 48 hours in advance.

Q: What are your tasting hours?
A: Mon-Friday, between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sometimes, we offer tastings on weekends or after hours, but because weekends are so very busy, we recommend to schedule your tasting/design session in advance

Q: What flavors can I choose from for my order?
A: Your flavor options at The Cake Zone are truly unlimited! All of our cakes are made with alternating layers of cake and buttercream filling. You will need to select both a cake flavor and a buttercream flavor. Our buttercream can be made in a wide variety of flavors to complement the cake. We can accommodate almost any flavor you can dream up. For a list of a few flavor ideas, see our Flavors page.

Q: Besides cakes, what other types of desserts do you provide?
A: Cookies, Cupcakes, Pastries, Edible Party/Wedding Favors, Dessert Buffet

Q: What is Dessert Table?
A: Dessert tables are always a favorite of wedding/party guests. It’s a chance for you to share something that you love with your friends and family, and the guests opportunity to fill up on sweets. There are many ways you can go about it, and the most popular one is a combination of wedding/special occasion cake and candy/dessert bar.
The great thing about chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, marshmallows and other sweets is that it can be decorated to match any theme. Empty bags/boxes can be available for guests to take home their favorites. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you make display cakes?
A: Yes, we can make display cakes perfect for bridal events, outdoor weddings, model homes, show rooms or magazine shoots. Please contact us to learn more.

Q: Can you make edible pictures on cakes/cupcakes or cookies?
A: The Cake Zone does have the capability of printing your pictures, corporate logos or images onto cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Displaying your corporate logo on one of our creative cake designs is a great way to brand your company. Corporations have also used picture cakes & cupcakes for new brand launches, retirement dinners, charity events, and company anniversaries. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can you replicate a cake from a picture?
A: Yes, we can. Some brides come to us with a design they have their hearts set on. We can design and replicate a wedding cake from a single photo, or from a combination of pictures.

Q: What (if any) special ingredients, such as fresh fruits or farm-fresh butter, do you use in your cakes?
A: All of our cakes are made using only the finest ingredients. Fresh eggs, sweet cream butter, imported Belgian chocolate, fine liqueur, fresh fruit purees and fragrant nuts join together to create a moist and flavorful cake that your guests will be raving about for years to come. Our cakes are made to order, always fresh never frozen!

Q: Are you licensed by Florida State health department?
A: Yes. The Cake Zone design studio and bakery is located on private property and visited by appointment only. Our studio houses a commercial kitchen; it is a Florida State Licensed facility and is inspected by the Department of Agriculture.

Q: Will you work with the client’s florist to garnish the cake?
A: Absolutely! This is often the most convenient for brides.

Q: What (if any) cake accessories, such as a cake stand or cake cutter, do you rent out?
A: Most our cakes are presented with something that should be returned to the Cake Zone after the reception is over…base, pillars, flower spikes, fountains, etc. We will discuss this with you before your event to make arrangements for those items to be returned or picked up.

Q: What is Rolled Fondant Frosting & what does it taste like?
A: All of our cakes are covered in fondant, which is smooth-as-silk sugar dough that covering the cake as a second layer of icing. We roll out our fondant very thin and lay it over the buttercreamed cakes. So, you’ll get best of two worlds.
There are several reasons why we prefer to work with fondant on our cakes. We love the flawless, satin finish on our cakes. It gives endless possibilities for design.  It also seals the cake and helps to keep it very moist on the inside. Many of the decorations you see are sculpted or cut out of fondant and can be held in place very firmly even under stressful transportation or Florida’s hot and humid weather conditions. We use a delicious vanilla or chocolate fondant that we think may pleasantly surprise you if you have had bad fondant before…. It tastes like either vanilla marshmallow or chocolate marshmallow… And, Who doesn’t like marshmallow?

Q: Are you hiring or looking for help?
A: We are not hiring for any positions at this time. However positions may open up in the future so please send your resume and portfolio to the following email address mycake@thecakezone.com

Q. Do you offer Internship programs?
A: Yes, time to time, we offer internship programs for culinary and art students or graduates at our shop in Parrish, FL. Interns must be 18 years or older. Please send your resume and portfolio to: mycake@thecakezone.com

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We accept, cash, checks, PayPal or Credit Cards (American Express, Visa and MasterCard)

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