Little Tipsy Cakes & Desserts

Little Tipsy Cakes


Aspiration for Little Tipsy Cakes in mason jars came from the idea of turning classic cocktail recipes into a cake. The cocktail cakes are really fun to make, because essentially you are mixing multiple ingredients into the batter in a similar way of mixing a cocktail. Little Tipsy Cakes are a playful addition to any dinner or dessert cocktail party..They are perfect Wedding and Party favors and great Holiday Gifts! Little Tipsy Cakes come in 8oz mason jars with a bamboo spoon.




Wedding Favors

Wedding favors

How to make a gift as small as a wedding favor be hugely appreciated and totally unique? Make it edible! All of our edible favors give a new meaning to “having good taste”! Simply stunning, our edible wedding/party Favors are the sweetest way to thank your guests!





Dessert Tables


Dessert tables are always a favorite of wedding guests. It’s a chance for the bride and groom to share something that they love with their friends and family, and the guests opportunity to fill up on sweets. There are many ways you can go about it, and the most popular one is a combination of wedding cake and candy/dessert bar. But what else is out there besides an assortment of jelly beans or hard candy?



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