Universal Wedding Trends – 2014

Two things need no translation anywhere you are in the world: art & love. There are no language barriers when it comes to expressing or experiencing either. So it should be no surprise that the same way couples represent their personality through the personalized touches in their wedding are practically universal!

The Cake Zone was honored to be featured in a blog post by MyShaadi.in, highlighting the custom wedding cake trends of 2014. Myshaadi.in is an India-based wedding site offering “[…] niche services to the new-age generation to-be married couples by offering a host of services like personalized wedding website, photo sharing, e-invitations, venue maps, online wedding planner, budget calculator, shopping list, to do list and a wedding blog featuring tips, articles and collections from the who’s who of the wedding industry.”

Wedding cakes have come to serve as a gorgeous symbol of a couple’s personality and taste (literally!) as well as a premium avenue to set the tone of the big event. Think about it, when you walk into a wedding yourself and see a cupcake tower, you know right away the couple is playful, when you see a timeless white cake with choice embellishments you know the couple is more reserved and classic, etc.

So when one of our clients walked in to The Cake Zone sullen that his venue would not allow him to ride in on an elephant (not a typo) – we jumped on the opportunity to not only bring in an elephant for him but also to present them with a GORGEOUS cake perfectly matched to their overall design scheme. The result was a highlight of the evening and put the biggest smile on the groom’s face. Check out the pictures below and make sure to check out the story on Myshaadi.in for more images of Southeast Asian, Indian, and Fusion weddings we’ve been honored to be a part of!

We did it!

We did it!


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