Will you know how to cut your wedding cake?

When the time comes….Will you know how to cut your wedding cake?

The cake-cutting ceremony happens near the end of the wedding. After dinner, DJ or your wedding planner will signal you that it’s time to cut the cake. The only set rule is that the groom’s right hand covers the bride’s right hand as you cut the bottom layer of the cake together with a good serrated knife, one that you purchased especially for this day. Not everyone follows the rules…A sward can come handy too 🙂


One reason for cutting the bottom layer of the wedding cake is so you don’t damage the tower and end up crashing it…

No worries, The Cake Zone’s wedding cakes are safe to cut in any layer…..

The other reason is so that the top layer of the cake can be saved. You as a couple will take it home, place it in the freezer, and eat it on your first anniversary. It’s only symbolic, so you can do whichever you like.

Some people like to smash wedding cake into each other’s faces. But when you have paid to have your beautiful makeup, hair, and gown look pristine, you’re not going to want cake splattered everywhere. It’s up to you though. If you are fun-loving and want to do it, go for it.

Be careful though, you can start a food fight at your wedding 🙂


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